Wednesday, June 18, 2014

[354.43 MB] Riddles of Fate 3: Memento Mori Game [FINAL]

[354.43 MB] Riddles of Fate 3: Memento Mori Game [FINAL]
Help Death to restore the delicate Balance between Life and Death in Riddles of Fate 3: Memento Mori PC Game! One night of Friday 13th Death itself came to your house. It says that balance between Life and Death is broken, because several souls shattered it. They hide from Death when their time was due and somehow cheat it. If they won’t die soon, other people won’t be able to born, and deadly rift will open in Time itself, destructing the humanity! You must use your detective skills and most powerful tools of Death to pursue these souls, among them Benjamin Farrell, Paris, Jemma Bungard, Wien, Osbert Swansea, Barcelona, Sheryl Dundee, London, Virgil Pepall, Praha and more! Download this mystical Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game, pursue criminal souls in all these cities and restore the balance before it’s too late!
  • Included Strategy Guide
  • Bonus chapter with new soul criminals
  • Wallpapers, concept art and screensaver
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New prodigious Riddles of Fate: Memento Mori PC game belongs to Hidden Object Puzzle genre, it had been designed by professional writers. Riddles of Fate 3 perfect PC game is designed by top class creators and received exclusive ratings from the gaming press. Riddles of Fate 3: Memento Mori game's depictions really good and filled with various fine-spun details. Download Riddles 3: Memento Mori game (it's checked by antivirus and 100% safe) and kvell with it hottest light descant!

Title Post: [354.43 MB] Riddles of Fate 3: Memento Mori Game [FINAL]
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