Wednesday, August 13, 2014

[253.82 MB] Entwined 2: The Perfect Murder Game [FINAL]

[253.82 MB] Entwined 2: The Perfect Murder Game [FINAL]
Investigate murder of the Adam Turner, killed by a single gunshot to the back in Entwined 2: The Perfect Murder PC Game!

He was murdered at his own house, during the morning tea, so when you arrived to the crime scene, your assistant detective John Scott prepared brief case file for you. Turner is a renowned lawyer and seasoned litigator, and there are six suspects - Billy “Kill Bill” Franco, Mafiosi, being prosecuted by Mr. Turner, Lisa Brooks, sister of the victim, Marina Makarovna, housemaid, Philip Walter, friend with financial problems, Tim Bradley, paperboy, he was seen fleeing the crime scene after neighbors heard the gunshot, and finally Judy Turner, wife of the victim, gaining all his property after his death.

Download this entwined Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure whodunit and find out, who ended life of Mr. Turner at June 10, 2014!
  • Collect evidence
  • Find the identity of murderer!
  • Interrogate suspects!
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Immerse into rare setting of great Entwined II: The Perfect Murder Hidden Object Adventure Puzzle game for PC! No matter are you only catechumen, who just met the galaxy of majestic computer games, or one of old-school neophytes of Adventure games genre - you will undoubtedly like surpassing Entwined 2 PC game. At the beginning of Entwined 2: The Perfect Murder game you will get tons of honors as you explore maps. Dive deep into grand environ of peaceful The Perfect Murder PC game!

Title Post: [253.82 MB] Entwined 2: The Perfect Murder Game [FINAL]
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