Monday, June 2, 2014

[33.42 MB] Caribbean Jigsaw Game [FINAL]

[33.42 MB] Caribbean Jigsaw Game [FINAL]

Solve the puzzles of an old pirate and find the treasure! Select from two game modes – easy and casual. Challenge yourself by changing the number of pieces from 10 to 300! Use the special magnifying glass to get a better look at the smaller pieces. Control the game's difficulty to make it suitable for players of all ages! Can you complete all of the puzzles?
  • Rotate pieces to change the styles
  • Unlimited game time
  • Relaxing ambient sounds
  • High quality and unique pictures
New engrossing Caribbean Jigsaw PC game belongs to Jigsaw genre, it had been designed by professional developers. Visually Caribbean Jigsaw looks original. And you are going to see that in Caribbean Jigsaw game by playing huge amount of Jigsaw placements and also doing so many searching and interacting with different items. You will lose yourself in detailed Caribbean Jigsaw Jigsaw game universe. Even lovers of aforementioned gorgeous Jigsaw games genre will undoubtedly like clinking Caribbean Jigsaw game, as well as beginners, who just entered the Realm of playful casual games.

Title Post: [33.42 MB] Caribbean Jigsaw Game [FINAL]
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