Friday, June 12, 2015

[236.57 MB] Hidden Expedition 9: Dawn of Prosperity Game [FINAL]

[236.57 MB] Hidden Expedition 9: Dawn of Prosperity Game [FINAL]
H.E.L.P. agents are on duty once again in Hidden Expedition 9: Dawn of Prosperity PC Game from Eipix Entertainment!

When mysterious code signal from abandoned weather station in the Montana Mountains was deciphered by you and Sam you found out that this is more at the observatory nearby that it seemed by the eye. It was reopened 10 years ago in the year 2005 and started to produce strong magnetic field interfering with instruments of meteorologist which caused them to abandon this station. Now code signal was sending a picture of the observatory worker – young girl whose life is in danger now. Moreover, someone attacked Sam and sedated him, alarm worked in the observatory, causing Code Red activation. What’s it all about, maybe this facility isn’t observatory at all? Maybe whole humanity is in danger because of it?

Download ninth installment of Hidden Expedition series and find the answers in this majestic Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • Achievements, collectibles and morphing objects
  • Concept art and wallpapers
  • Bonus chapter
  • An available strategy guide
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Hidden Expedition Part Nine: Prosperity is the next generation PC game with high-quality depictions and tuneful music tracks. Dawn of Prosperity PC game isn't very difficult, it will be easy to reach consummation of all objectives. There are heaps of cheery mini-games in Hidden Expedition 9: Dawn of Prosperity. We can boldly say that the new PC game Hidden Expedition: Dawn of Prosperity is the real Hidden Object/Adventure/Puzzle PC games masterpiece!


Title Post: [236.57 MB] Hidden Expedition 9: Dawn of Prosperity Game [FINAL]
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