Monday, January 28, 2013

Royal Defense Game Download

The castle needs a hero–hordes of trolls are surrounding it! Build towers, save money, learn spells, and keep the enemy away! Follow the exciting story of the dwarven kingdom's eternal struggle against the troll hordes, who want only to crush the dwarves and claim their territory. To defeat these monstrous hordes, you must construct defensive towers and units and learn to wield powerful spells. Tap anywhere you like for a handy pop-up menu listing all the units and structures that can be built in each location. Tap existing structures to see how you can upgrade your forces with powerful improvements! All your towers and units have specific stats: Damage, Fire rate, Damage radius, Damage type, as well as various other features, such as Enemy Slowdown and Damage Over Time. Each level also brings new units and structures to help you fight the troll menace. You’ll never be lacking for new and exciting ways of decimating those nasty trolls!
Varied minigames, unparalleled and delectable depictions, distinguished and harmonic melody, will grab your attention for a long time when you play Royal Defense. Extraordinary photoplay, uncommon accomplished music tracks and high quality bright rendering of Royal Defense game will lug all PC gamers who love exciting Time Management games
Royal Defense PC game is delightful way to relax, use your Tower Defense powers and exploit weaknesses of computer opponents. In Royal Defense game there are also a whole lot admirable Tower Defense levels. You will be bound to your computer from beginning to accomplishment during playing this bang-on PC game Royal Defense.
System requirements:
RAM: 512 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 87 MB
CPU: 600 MHz

Royal Defense Reviews,
9.39 out of 10 based on 85 ratings

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Mahjong Royal Towers Game Download

Play Mahjong Royal Towers and experience royal generosity for yourself! Complete over 100 unique Mahjong levels in 6 locations, earning points and trophies. Visit different parts of the royal castle, from the Garden and the Armory all the way to the Throne Room! Climb the achievement ladder and the royal treasury will fling its doors open!
A large percentage of Mahjong Royal Towers game places features typical Mahjong mechanics. But in Mahjong Royal Towers game Mahjong mechanics is especially tricky and festal. Mahjong Royal Towers has more than enough startling elements of the interface. In Mahjong Royal Towers you don't miss a chance to make the dimension sprightly and thus best ever!
Mahjong Royal Towers will be liked by all adherents of ripping Mahjong genre. Use your Mahjong talents to win loads of hotsy-totsy mini-games of Mahjong Royal Towers and discover, which objects were picked by skilled players from whole world! Mahjong Royal Towers belongs to rattling Mahjong genre.
System requirements:
RAM: 512 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 48 MB
CPU: 1.2 GHz

Mahjong Royal Towers Reviews,
9.48 out of 10 based on 195 ratings

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Mahjong Royal Towers for Mac

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Panda Gourmet Game Download

Help Panda create delicious gourmet dishes as you learn to cook in this exciting Match 3 game! Follow Panda’s list of ingredients to swap and match three or more of each yummy food item, and unlock new puzzles along the way! Craving a challenge? With over 60 levels of food-filled fun, this game is sure to leave you satisfied!
Hand drawn high quality scenery, delightful and soft sound effects, topnotch Match 3 game process and a fat lot jovial levels are presented in new PC game Panda Gourmet. In fact Panda Gourmet is much more than a simple Match 3 game. Match 3 principle of Panda Gourmet is hidden underneath red-blooded adventure.
This Match 3 PC game Panda Gourmet contain sensational handy game process, and super-duper scenery. With Panda Gourmet you will be able to get into this palmary reality of moving amusement.  Fine quest, aglare rendering and gentle premium quality music are will be found in this immense and capital PC game Panda Gourmet and will take you into adventure's reality for a lot of hours.
System requirements:
RAM: 512 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX: 9.0
HDD: 52 MB
CPU: 1.0 GHz

Panda Gourmet Reviews,
9.37 out of 10 based on 206 ratings

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Monday, January 7, 2013

Ancient Rome 2 Game Download

Construct entire residential districts for people and improve their well-being by building markets, schools, theaters and other places, and connect them with roads for ease of access. Create warehouses and farms, plant wheat and bake bread, mine clay and manufacture all kinds of crockery. Once you have your manufacturing in place and running, provide your population with food, improving the status of households. Sell the excess of products and make more money. The richer households become with time, the more taxes they pay, thus helping you improve the city. Once you have successfully completed all the missions, you will be able to build your own villa!
Ancient Rome 2 game has much more than just Time Management enigmas to offer. Colorful portraiture, sweet sound and overwhelming accommodative setup suited for PC, Mac gamers of all skill levels: from green hand to expert. Players loses themselves in the colorful galaxy of Ancient Rome 2 game. All in Ancient Rome 2 game - sweet sound, accommodative setup and colorful portraiture - will be unexpected and sprightly for all enthusiasts of Time Management PC, Mac game genre.
Immerse into addictive encircling of red-blooded Ancient Rome 2 Time Management game for PC, Mac! Various placings with different rules and conditions, jovial and bang-up flora and fauna are in Ancient Rome 2, it also comprises more than enough mysterious dark dungeons, opportunities town placings and surprising ancient castles with cheery architecture. Time Management scenes of Ancient Rome 2 follow the classic path, hints are provided. We can boldly say that the new PC, Mac game Ancient Rome 2 is a real Time Management PC, Mac games masterpiece!
System requirements:
RAM: 1024 MB
Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
DirectX: 9.0
Mac OS: 10.8/10.7/10.6/10.5
HDD: 154 MB
CPU: 2.0 GHz

Ancient Rome 2 Reviews,
9.64 out of 10 based on 174 ratings

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