Monday, May 12, 2014

[85.46 MB] The Wall: Medieval Heroes Game [FINAL]

[85.46 MB] The Wall: Medieval Heroes Game [FINAL]
In The Wall: Medieval Heroes, defend your village, which is besieged by aggressive, jealous barbarians! Discover a new game genre that combines tower defense and resource management. Keep an eye on your villagers, who will gather the resources you need to create your army behind the wall, and deploy your units strategically in front of it! With a wide variety of units, towers and traps to choose from, you will have to find the best ways of diverting, slicing, exploding, poisoning and incinerating an infinite army of aggressive enemies. Recruit mortars, archers, powerful cavaliers, crazy saboteurs, terrifying warriors and shifty assassins, and stand fast! All hell is going to break loose in this rural idyll, with 8 villages and 7 game modes that you can play and replay as you wish!
  • A smart combination of tower defense and strategy
  • 7 game modes for an extended challenge
  • 14 different units to unlock
  • 8 different villages to unlock
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When you will see The Wall: Medieval Heroes intro video you may think that The Wall: Medieval Heroes is usual Strategy PC game, but it's wrong. The Wall: Medieval Heroes is the perfect game. Play and learn with your children in ripping The Wall: Medieval Heroes PC game! The Wall: Medieval Heroes unmatched PC game doesn't even actually telling you its full story. You're going to figure it out by yourself, searching for trophies and additional materials. Enjoy with this hunky-dory PC game The Wall: Medieval Heroes! Good luck!

Title Post: [85.46 MB] The Wall: Medieval Heroes Game [FINAL]
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