Monday, May 19, 2014

[106.81 MB] Sky High Farm Game [FINAL]

[106.81 MB] Sky High Farm Game [FINAL]
It's time to flex your green thumbs and start planting! Can city life and farm life co-exist with each other? You're about to find out!

Beautify the rooftops of the city with fertile gardens and sweet-smelling orchards. Create your own farm on the top of a skyscraper where you can plant vegetables, fruits, trees and more!

Start your little vegetable garden with three pots of carrots, and grow it into a flourishing business in this thrilling time management game. Buy gardening units, plant seeds, and grow them into carrots, tomatoes, cabbages, cucumbers and more. Reap the harvest in time to earn a profit. Set up factories and produce your own eco-friendly juices, jams, sugar and other goods.

Remember - the clock is ticking: the quicker you think and the more you plant, the more you'll earn!
  • Exciting quests and challenges
  • 60 unique and exciting levels
  • Plenty of achievements to earn!
  • 6 rooftops to plant with veggies and fruits

Sky High Farm script was written by professional tale writers, a whole lot atmospheric sublevels and even more casual minigames of blithe Sky High Farm will be capital banner day for children, teenagers and adults. Complexity of the first levels of Sky High Farm contrasts greatly with difficulty of the higher ones. Sky High Farm game has bang-on and easy configuration, light electrical soundtrack and moving graphics, it will be pleasantly undreamt-of for all veterans of topping Time Management PC games genre. Exciting screenplay of Sky High Farm, full of amazing objectives, will be a real ritzy encumbrances for all Time Management games aficionados.

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