Tuesday, February 11, 2014

[30.83 MB] Download Bouncer’s Journey Game [Final]

[30.83 MB] Download Bouncer’s Journey Game [Final]

Help the balls escape the clutches of Roboto, the Evil Carnival Master, who has subjected them to a life of slavery in his traveling carnival! Help them escape by bouncing them through holes in the wall, earning extra points for firing through moving holes and completing each level quickly! Close the holes with as few balls as possible for maximum points. But hurry— as the timer counts down, the holes get smaller and the obstacles get tougher! Strategize your way through 30 blistering levels and bounce your way to freedom!
  • 30 challenging levels
  • Bounce your way to freedom!
  • Strategic, physics-based gameplay
Plot of Bouncer's Journey Mac and PC game was written by professional designers. Apparently, casual game aficionados do not have enough some element of challenges and unexpected in their being, this is why they welcome the games like Bouncer's Journey. Mini games of Bouncer's Journey are all very different and famous whether it's something typical or more unhoped-for. The depictions of Bouncer's Journey game are detailed and together with the sounding they create such fantastic place to be.

Title Post: [30.83 MB] Download Bouncer’s Journey Game [Final]
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