Wednesday, February 26, 2014

[142.19 MB] Download Fable of Dwarfs Game [Final]

[142.19 MB] Download Fable of Dwarfs Game [Final]
The good-hearted King of the Dwarves is relying on you to lead a building expedition! You'll need all of your wit and imagination to successfully oppose the merciless northern winds, save the homes of a desert's inhabitants from plagues of locusts, and battle a thick fog that threatens a priests' temple. Learn about ancient Dwarven talismans, save Yellowforest from wildfire, and help those who need it most in Fable of Dwarfs!

  • Collect gold for completed tasks!
  • Make your own Dwarven talismans!
  • Visit the floating islands!

New sprightly PC game Fable of Dwarfs is intended for whole family (including small children). Time Management scenes look a bit cluttered sometimes, but in general Fable of Dwarfs game localities are exquisite. Mini games of Fable of Dwarfs are not elaborate at all, but help to add variety to the Time Management standard. Both skilled players and beginners will equally appreciate smashing and pleasing melody and dandy accommodative process of playing of Fable of Dwarfs.

Title Post: [142.19 MB] Download Fable of Dwarfs Game [Final]
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