Wednesday, February 18, 2015

[264.26 MB] Frozen Patchworks Game [FINAL]

[264.26 MB] Frozen Patchworks Game [FINAL]
The most magical night of the year is coming... today! Feel the atmosphere of an unforgettable Christmas night and start your exciting adventure with Frozen Patchwork!

Journey through a Frozen Christmas world and complete all the puzzles. Earn as many keys as you can and unlock new worlds! Can the great Queen of the Frozen Kingdom restore the magical amulet? Will the magic have time to work before Christmas arrives or will the cold heart remain forever frozen?
  • 120 unique patchwork mosaics
  • Complete special quests and earn trophies
  • Entertaining gameplay for all ages!
  • Explore 6 locations and 6 different materials
  • Use bonuses and earn new ranks
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Just released peerless PC game Frozen Patchworks is intended to the whole family, including olive and teens. Frozen Patchworks is epic hottest next-gen Puzzle game from Big Fish Games with plenty of Daedalean enigmas to solve. Easy but classy Patchworks game is unbelievably sinuous to stop playing. You better sink into Frozen Patchworks dimension and discover all advances of Puzzle timeless genre!

Title Post: [264.26 MB] Frozen Patchworks Game [FINAL]
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