Wednesday, November 5, 2014

[226.93 MB] Reveries 2: Soul Collector Game [FINAL]

[226.93 MB] Reveries 2: Soul Collector Game [FINAL]
Dark magician named Dark Wing seeks to open the Chaos Gate and submerge the whole world into darkness. But in order to do so he needs to gather the collection of human feelings and feed them to Gate keepers. Fear and Jealousy were the easy target, while finding Real Love turned out to be a real problem. For a long time dark magician was searching for loving heart and finally found it in your beloved King Richard. Now King Richard is in deadly danger and his fate lies only in your hands. You must travel a long way, meet friends and foes, and experience unbelievable adventures in the White Lion's Kingdom to save Richard from Dark Wing in this Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure!
  • An available Strategy Guide
  • Collect all feathers for the eagle and place them in the proper places!
  • Bonus chapter with new mystery!
  • Explore both Misty Islands and White Lion’s Kingdoms!
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Reveries 2: Soul Collector game is shareware Hidden Object / Puzzle game. Cool tuneful air will be found in this fairy, unusual Puzzle/Adventure game Reveries 2: Soul Collector! Hints of course are available for you in Reveries 2: Soul. Even worshipers of aforementioned excellent HOPA games genre will undoubtedly like colossal Reveries 2 game, as well as rookies, who just entered the universe of distinguished casual games.

Title Post: [226.93 MB] Reveries 2: Soul Collector Game [FINAL]
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