Tuesday, April 29, 2014

[79.85 MB] Welcome to Deponia: The Puzzle Game [FINAL]

[79.85 MB] Welcome to Deponia: The Puzzle Game [FINAL]
Deponia: The Puzzle offers a completely new puzzle-experience and will prove to be challenging for skilled puzzle solvers. Try to combine the various pieces of 96 puzzle backgrounds set in the world of Deponia. Can you get 3 stars on each puzzle? Play different game modes including “Search & Find” and “Drag & Drop”. Chose between various difficulty settings and rotate the board in order to solve the puzzle from a different angle! With more than 100 pieces per puzzle and fun surprises along the way, Deponia: The Puzzle is sure to be a hit with those that love a puzzle challenge!
  • Flip and rotate puzzles to solve from a different angle
  • 96 puzzle backgrounds to complete
  • Time-based puzzling with 'Search & Find' and 'Drag & Drop' modes
  • Try to earn 3 stars on each level!
This long-awaited PC game Deponia: The Puzzle meets all criterias to the world's legendary games. To sum up, you may not be pleased by the well-known Puzzle thematics that is used in Welcome to Deponia: The Puzzle PC game as well as in other PC games of this genre, but there are some intimate features that might tilt choice of adherents in Welcome to Deponia's favour. Until the completion this rorty game demands a whole lot strategy and so many thinking to use even from Puzzle games aficionados from the whole galaxy, and it's fun to solve missions of Deponia! Even neophytes of Puzzle genre must have this unputdownable Welcome to Deponia: The Puzzle game.

Title Post: [79.85 MB] Welcome to Deponia: The Puzzle Game [FINAL]
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