Monday, March 3, 2014

[62.40 MB] Download Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures Game [Final]

[62.40 MB] Download Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures Game [Final]
Experience a fantastic underwater match-3 adventure and save the ocean! Befriend a clever clownfish, a nimble seahorse, a cuddly blowfish and a crab with a "dynamite" personality, and help your fishy friends save their endangered home. Six exciting maritime missions dare you to complete challenging, fast-paced match-3 levels like never before. Use potent power-ups and become the "Savior of the Seven Seas" while puzzling through tons of mini-games!
  • Two funny new heroes: Seahorse and Blowfish
  • Exciting minigames and potent power-ups
  • Six exhilarating maritime missions

Completely unputdownable comfy gameplay, goluptious harmonious sound effects and fineness vivid graphic arts in wild Match 3 PC MAC game Atlantic Quest 2 will be loved by all players who dream to play something memorable and delectable. Just start to play Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures and you will be pleased by game's amazingly scrumptious air! Completely super-duper controls, unparalleled graphics and melodic descant in The New Adventures game combined to take a header in the dimension of tests and adventures. Atlantic Quest: The New Adventures proves to be a real high day to the buffs of Match 3 games.

Title Post: [62.40 MB] Download Atlantic Quest 2: The New Adventures Game [Final]
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